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Many prospective clients ask us to explain what we do. That’s easy, SunBeam Marketing Solutions is a marketing firm focused on aiding growth-oriented companies achieve their goals. Or in plain English, we usually ask these questions:

  •  What do your customers like about your company? How will you engage them more?
  •  Are you are a looking for a website, brochure, event or other creative services, please click here.
  •  What type of need do you have?
  •  How can we help you?

SunBeam is a full-service marketing company. Having said that, we go above and beyond your average marketing company. We don’t just give you a plan and say “go.” We give you the plan and then help you take the right steps to implement it. With our experienced strategy, creative team and partners, we are able to bring your company to the next level(s).

We oftentimes find that people don’t truly understand what “marketing” is, and that the term gets a bad rep in the business world. Many companies feel it’s something they can do themselves or something they don’t really need—“their product and service speaks for itself.” But marketing is such a large component of how you are perceived by current and potential customers with branding, sales and advertising that unless your brand is on-target and your strategy is in place, you will become stagnant. Marketing keeps you relevant and growing, staying in step with competitors.

We are a very hands-on company that listens to your needs and problems and finds opportunities for growth. The SunBeam Process is such that you will always have someone to reach out to, and any needs will be addressed and met by our team.

We have a very different approach that is down to earth and personable. We use the SunBeam Process to not only find what works for your business but also put that strategy in motion for success and growth.

We are almost four years old.

Check out our SunBeam Team Page for a comprehensive look. We are a company made up of passionate, knowledgeable people with varied expertise. Beyond our Core Team we have a large network of talented writers, designers, filmmakers and more.

Yes, of course. We do everything from designing a logo or writing an article to the 3C’s.

The 3C’s are part of our comprehensive assessment that allows us to develop targeted plans and strategies.

  1. Competition: We take a deep look at your top competitors and compile a digestible report
  2. Customers: We survey and speak with your customers to see where you can grow
  3. Company Review: We take an internal look at what you’re currently doing, your employees’ insights, and what the numbers say

It really varies depending on your needs. We always try to be comparable and fair in what we offer.

Well, we begin with a Project Kick-Off where both our teams will meet and go over the project objectives, goals and expectations, as well as the timeline.

At SunBeam it is very important for us to make sure we stay on time, within scope and to deliver what we promise. Our agile project managers allow us to do so. We also find that project management allows clients to get the attention and service they deserve. For example, each week, no matter how small the project, you will receive a personalized report of the status of your project.

Social media, as you know, is a great tool. Unfortunately, if used incorrectly, it can blow up in your face or, more likely, have no results. We establish goals, develop content that not only engages but informs, and we manage it so it grows into ROI.

As people and forms of life, we all gravitate toward light and warmth that results in growth. That is what SunBeam brings to the business world.

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