Sunbeam’s Philosophy: The Importance of Good Project Management

There is, and really always has been, a debate on the value of project management. Many companies assume that the steps to get a project done will follow one another and naturally occur. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Running a project does not happen as if it is on a machine and being assembled. The role of a project manager is to keep all parties aligned and moving toward the end goal: finishing a project on time, on budget and with full customer satisfaction.

To do this is not an easy task. It takes discipline. It takes detail. It takes tact. Project Management is by definition, the process of planning, organizing, and controlling resources, procedures & protocols to achieve specific goals. A project manager must be the liaison between the client and the business or internally between multiple departments. 

How Do YouKnow if Project Management is Needed?

First ask yourself if your executives are focusing on project reviews, assessing risk, overall value, ROI and understanding metrics needed to prove return.

If the answer is a resounding “No”, then that may be the place to focus. In reality, they should receive reporting and give insights but their focus should always remain on high level work and not in the minute details of any running project— the trenches per se.

Yet, trends are showing that investments in “project management” yield significant ROI (Return on Investments) “Crawford and Pennypacker (2001), Ibbs (1997) and others have amply demonstrated the value of project management both in perceived improvement in Return on Investment and other measures of organizational efficiency and effectiveness.”Stuart Blickstein , PMP, MBA courtesy of the Project Management Institute

Bottom Line

Always keeping the end game in mind: A successful project with a happy client.