Mythbusting Strategy: Operations


What do you think when you hear the word “strategy”?

When we hear it we think; potential, a path to growth.

This blog series (we are on number 3 folks!) is meant to demystify the concept of “strategy”.  The word “strategy” can be tangled with many complexities; so we thought it was time to shine a light on its importance and how it can be accomplished with a bit of planning.

So now let’s dive in and talk about Operations Strategy…

This type of strategy is not usually the first to be considered, mostly because of the big picture mindset required to make the appropriate changes and adjustments. What do we mean by Operations Strategy?  Simply put it is a plan to maximize the effectiveness of your business – in ways that are important to your customers. We are Marketers after all!.

If company operations are impacting customer satisfaction levels, serious consideration needs to be focused on their Operations Strategy – always keeping the Customer Needs in mind.

So what do you do if your company is facing similar customer-satisfaction problems [or insert any of a plethora of possible customer concerns]? Start by setting customer-focused improvement objectives. By always keeping the customer in mind, your improvements will be more likely to hit on the revenue-increasing operational changes that make the most impact on a companies performance.

The teenager with a budding lawn-mowing business needs to ensure that their service is top-notch to attract more customers, while Company A needs to take on a bigger change-management initiative. In order to increase sales, they need to ensure they are providing the service that customers want and expect. That is accomplished by creating a Customer-Focused Operations Strategy.

So, when looking at your company’s revenue performance, it’s important to ensure that your operations are meeting or better yet exceeding your customer’s expectations. It is Marketing’s responsibility, as we have mentioned before [link], to touch upon every aspect of business. Marketing will help you navigate all avenues of your business with a solid strategic plan (aka the key to growth). 

We just dropped a huge burst of knowledge on your brain, so if you have any questions, further insights, or this tickles an itch you have been wanting to scratch we want to know: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.