Leveraging Likes: Top Tips for Making Social Media Profitable

Checking in, Logging on, Liking, Hashtagging and Trending! The interactive age in marketing is a social must. But spending the time to build your web presence and your social media channels is only the first step. You now need to convert those actions into sales. Here are few ways you can leverage a strong channel and derive the metrics that matter—$$$.

1.     Events: Use social media on your website (dare we even say newsletter) to drive your community to an event designed just for them. Take Lead generation and add a twist. Interactive experiences are memory-making and video-worthy for your future and live social posts.

2.     Voting: Your marketing team should be looking out for ways to get your company recognized—regionally, nationally and locally. Once you have found an organization that matches your needs, apply for an award and ask your community to vote. You will capture tangible results that give your company exposure in a positive way. Furthermore, awards are great tools for encouraging internal and external morale and reputation.

3.     Polling: Another underused method in social media employs an age-old technique—listening. Ask for your customers’ opinions and pay attention to the results. Customers and potential customers will tell you what they want if the polling you do is easy, fun and engaging. Think of the polls you have participated in, what made you click?

4.     Tradeshows: Many people in your community will most likely be attending the conferences or tradeshows you will be exhibiting or sponsoring. If you want maximum results, tie a social media contest and your booth together by live tweeting, live streaming and/or using innovative apps that will allow for greater engagement and exposure to a wider audience.

The potential for social media to increase sales is growing exponentially. Use the methods that will turn a Like into a Transaction and you will have the proof that social media is worth the investment.